About us: AODHRI

The Alcohol and Other Drugs Harm Reduction Initiative is a branch of the Yale College Dean's Office dedicated to reducing the various harms - physical, psychological, academic, and social - of drug and alcohol use among Yale undergraduates. We work with students, administrators, health services, police and security, and faculty to make sure students have the information and skill set they need to make smart choices regarding alcohol and drugs, and to create an environment that is conducive to those choices.  This work takes many forms.  A few of them include education programs, collaboration with other institutions, policy evaluation, social activity organizing, and data collection and analysis.

AODHRI is funded out of the President's Office and has been in existence roughly since August 2011 and under its current name since January 2013. You can contact AODHRI anytime at aodhri@yale.edu



Elizabeth Larsen  is a Student Affairs Fellow who splits her work between AODHRI and the Office of Gender and Campus culture. Elizabeth graduated in 2015 from Yale with a History degree, where she was on the Varsity Swim Team. Outside of work she enjoys playing with her adorable dog Lilo, running (slowly) and watching Disney movies. 

email: elizabeth.larsen@yale.edu

phone: (203) 436-9264



Hannah Peck is the Director of Student Life in the YCDO. She splits her time between AODHRI, the Office of Gender and Campus Culture, and Freshmen Affairs. She has a BA in Costume Design from the University of Texas at Austin, and an MDiv from Yale Divinity School. While she was a grad student at Yale she worked for La Casa Cultural as a graduate assistant. Outside of work she has an adorable dog named Poe (see photo), participates in multiple crafty activities, and loves making non-dining hall food.

email: hannah.peck@yale.edu

phone: (203) 432-2927



Melanie Boyd is the Director of the Office of Gender and Campus Culture, an Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, and a Lecturer in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. Her time is mostly focused on gender and sexual climate at Yale, but she is also involved with the AODHRI. Outside of work, she gardens, cooks, and tests out harm reduction strategies on her teenage twins.

email: melanie.boyd@yale.edu

phone: (203) 432-0847