Calling for help

How do I know when to call for help?  Whom do I call?

If you are concerned that someone has had too much to drink, GET HELP.

Call the Yale Police immediately at 203-432-4400, if someone is:
  • passed out and unable to be woken up, OR
  • unable to answer simple questions, OR
  • unable to walk unassisted.

Stay with the person until help arrives.

Call the minibus at 203-432-6330 to arrange a ride to Yale Health for someone who:
  • has consumed a lot of alcohol either quickly or over time, AND
  • who is conscious AND
  • can walk and enter the minibus unassisted

Stay with the person until help arrives, and if possible accompany them to Yale Health.  (If the intoxicated student is being physically supported and/or is actively vomiting when the minibus arrives, the driver will call the police for transport to the ER.)