Bartender Training

About the Training

The Yale College Dean’s Office will soon offer free bartender training to all undergraduates.  More details will be coming soon but please reach out to for more information.

Why take it?

Bartending can be a fun and lucrative part time or summer job, and this course will give you a better chance of getting employed.  Some establishments require all their bartenders to have certification for insurance reasons, but even for those that don’t, the certification and the basic mixology knowledge will definitely be a plus.

Even if you don’t plan to work as a bartender, the training is really useful for hosting parties during the semester, whether as an organization or as an individual.  You’ll learn how to mix basic drinks and serve alcohol properly.  And more importantly, you’ll learn more about liability and safety precautions, laws surrounding the serving of alcohol, and how to intervene in problematic situations in a casual way that won’t disrupt your party.

Why do we offer it?

The primary goal of this training is to create a safer alcohol environment on Yale’s campus.  The bartender training course focuses on how to serve alcohol safely, including how to discern who should not be served because of either intoxication or age.  Also, if students mix good drinks with the proper proportion of alcohol at their parties, they’re less likely to end up overdrinking than if they’re pouring bad liquor into solo cups.  Even an awareness of how things are properly done will make students more conscious of unsafe or unappealing drinking environments they encounter. 

Is there an age limit?

There is no age limit for the course, but you must be 18 or older to serve alcohol in Connecticut.  Since it is illegal to serve alcohol to individuals under 21 years old, the mixology courses are separated into under-21 and 21-and-over sessions; at the latter, students can taste the drinks they make.

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There are currently no trainings being offered this semester. However, AODHRI’s new bartender training program will be offered to students soon. For more details on when the trainings will be offered, reach out to