How do I know when to call for help? Whom do I call?

If you are concerned that someone is having a reaction to any drug, including alcohol, GET HELP.
Call the Yale Police immediately at 203-432-4400, if someone is:
  • unconscious or unresponsive, OR
  • unable to answer simple questions, OR
  • unable to walk unassisted, OR
  • vomiting uncontrollably, OR
  • exhibiting any other behaviors or symptoms that alarms you.

Stay with the person until help arrives.

If you are concerned about a student, but they are not showing the symptoms listed above, take the student to the Yale Infirmary for basic treatment and observation.  You might do this if a student has been vomiting or has consumed a large amount of alcohol in a short period.  Call the minibus at 203-432-6330 to arrange a ride to Yale Health.