BAC Calculator


Today: slight buzz. a bit more relaxed, warmer, less inhibited. Tomorrow: hangover free. Almost zero chance of a hangover; should be able to get plenty done tomorrow.


Today: buzzed/tipsy some stimulant effects (euphoria and increased energy); slight decrease in inhibitions, judgment, and coordination; possible mood changes. Tomorrow: no hangover ~0% chance of a hangover if you’ve been hydrating between drinks; should be able to get plenty done.


Today: drunk . noticeably losing coordination, inhibitions, and judgment; starting to feel some depressant effects like drowsiness and lowered alertness. Tomorrow: hangover possible Some chance of a hangover; hydrating between drinks will help. Likely a little slow getting things done in the AM.


Today: very drunk. Loss of coordination, inhibitions, judgment; some depressant effects: drowsiness, lowered alertness, loss of coordination. Slurred speech and chance of nausea. Tomorrow: hangover likely. Decreased REM sleep overnight = a bit tired and less productive. Hydration between drinks (not right before bed) will help.


Today: very drunk. Depressant effects in full force: drowsiness, lowered alertness, loss of coordination and judgment. Nausea and vomiting somewhat likely. Tomorrow: serious hangover. Probably sick and headachy. No REM sleep at all = not very sharp; studying will be a struggle. Hydration between drinks (not right before bed) will help



Today: extremely drunk. Difficult to walk or even stay awake. Significant nausea/vomiting; sleeping on back could lead to choking on vomit and suffocating. Speech is a struggle; blackout likely. Tomorrow: hangover agony. Debilitating headache/nausea and fervent regret almost certain. Productivity of any sort unlikely until mid-afternoon.



Today: critical state. Probably unconscious; well past vomiting and blacking out. A chance of death if medical attention does not arrive. Tomorrow: bigger problems. A debilitating hangover is only the start. Details will depend on time of hospital release.


Today: comatose. Already thrown up, blacked out, passed out. Significant chance of death if medical help doesn’t arrive promptly. Tomorrow: hopefully. In the event of survival, hangover or not will depend on the amount and type of anesthesia administered in the hospital. **Feel free to read our sources by, and the research cited here